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Australian Real Estate Prices and Market Trends

Australian Property Prices and Market Commentary for Expats

Being an expat makes a difficult process - the selection and purchase of a house, apartment or holiday home in Australia - even more demanding than usual. Expats are clearly hampered by being "outside the market" in terms of assessing market trends and investigating properties exhaustively, and there is the impact of fluctuating exchange rates to consider. In practice, given the importance of the purchase, you should at least consider using a buyer's agent to assist in terms of shortlisting, if not negotiating, the complete purchase of any real estate.

Local media reports and various indices will provide you with a general feel for how the market is currently moving within a capital city or region, if not within precise localities or suburbs. The links below provide access to a number of useful property reports.

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Current Residential Property Analysis

We have worked with Performance Property for a number of years and the firm takes a research/data driven approach to identifying and purchasing property in Australia. The reports below provide an indication of the sort of detailed micro and macro analysis that the firm generates in relation to the residential property markets in Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart, Darwin and the Gold Coast, which overseas buyers will find useful.

Residential Australian Property Price Trends - Capital Cities

The chart below illustrates property price movements in Australia's major capital cities over the last month, quarter and year. They are provided by CoreLogic who are regarded as the most authoritative source of current real estate pricing data in Australia.

ABS Property Price Information Discontinued

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) recently decided not to continue providing property price data - a mistake in our opinion - but in any event we will for the moment continue to maintain charts showing quarterly percentage change in house prices in each of the major Australian capital cities from 2003 to 2021. These might be useful in terms of understanding longer term price trends across the capital cities.

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