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Types of Life Insurance

Life Insurance for Temporary Residents in Australia

Life insurance cover is available for temporary residents in Australia, but not all insurers provide cover and the Covid 19 pandemic has given rise to some associated complexities - including a requirement that applicants intend to proceed to permanent residency or citizenship.

Full life insurance cover, comparable to that available to Australian citizens and permanent residents, is available from several Australian insurance companies for individuals working on a range of temporary resident visas in Australia.

Income Protection, TPD and Trauma cover are available, with Income Protection now available to individuals on temporary visas who do not intend to reside permanently in Australia - for example, individuals on the old 457 and new 482 visas, who are just in Australia for a specific assignment or period.

The premium rates applying to this insurance are usually the same as that applying to Australian citizens and this means that, if a visa holder proceeds to obtain either permanent residency or citizenship, then they can simply continue with their existing cover on an uninterrupted basis unless a change in circumstances - such as marriage or having a young family - suggests it needs to be reviewed again for adequacy.

If you would like to arrange cover, or have a question in this regard, please complete the Inquiry form at the bottom of this page and we will arrange a prompt response. Please note that no cost or commitment attaches to receiving a quotation for life insurance from a licensed broker.

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