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Australian Government Travel Warnings

Current Travel Advisories

Current Smartraveller Travel Advice at a glance

In October, 2021 the Australian Government began to again provide individual country travel advice - please see the map below for a current overview and go to the Smartraveller webside for individual country advice.

International Travel Status

Entering and Leaving Australia

Changes to entry and exit requirements for travel into and out of Australia came into effect on 18 April 2022. Pre-departure testing is no longer required and when travelling to Australia there is no longer a requirement to provide a negative COVID-19 test result prior to boarding a plane. However, transport providers, transit locations and the state or territory you arrive in may still have testing requirements, so you must still check prior to travel.

You still need to complete the Digital Passenger Declaration when travelling to Australia, and you are still required to wear a mask at all times if you’re travelling to Australia by plane.

Exemptions are no longer required to leave Australia

Unvaccinated Australian citizens and permanent residents can now leave Australia without an individual travel exemption but still may be asked about their vaccination status. You’re required to show proof of your vaccination status if you’re asked by an Australian official or your transport provider.

The Australian Government recommends passengers leaving Australia be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and travel with proof of vaccination status documentation. If you’re unvaccinated, you’re strongly discouraged from international travel due to the health risks. Airlines, cruise lines and other destinations can still have their own vaccination policies. You may face difficulty finding transport options if you’re unvaccinated.

For more details please see the Smartraveller website.


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